Suggest a Med School Book to Review!

The best way to know how to tackle a topic is by using prior experience within it. This site was created for that purpose: so that medical students going through courses can pass down their experiences and mistakes.

We already have a long list of books to be reviewed, but we’re happy to change priorities and bump things ahead based on what is desired.  If you have a specific pre-clinical class or clerkship that you’re in the dark about, or would like to know more about a specific book, please leave feedback below as a comment, and we’ll try to get to it as soon as we can.

If however you are fond of a specific book you’ve already used and want to review it yourself, please use the contact page for submissions. User-submitted reviews may be incorporated into team reviews, or even featured on the site in full with credit given to the author if the review is accurate and meets expected standards.

12 Responses to Suggest a Med School Book to Review!

  1. Bob Rayan says:

    Can you suggest a book that has all the algorithims required for USMLE Step 2 CK

  2. nur says:

    do you have any suggestion website for me to study radiology??? i hope have clear n good explanation to each pic. of x ray…thankx for helping

    • admin says:

      Good question. The Core cases at are actually a pretty basic method of learning clinical radiology in case format. Check back in a week or so for full reviews on this topic, including radiology book reviews that are about to come out.

  3. michael says:

    Please review——the following titles

    Barrett, Ganong Physiology,
    Levinson Microbiology
    Murray, Harper’s Biochemistry
    Mescher–Junquira’s Histology
    Brooks, Microbiology
    Ryan, Microbiology
    Morton–Big Picture: Anatomy
    Kibbel–Big Picture: Physiology
    Baron–Microbiology flash cards
    Mescher–Histology Flash Cards

  4. Lisa says:

    This really isn’t a suggestion for a book, but more so a suggestion on finding a way to pay for your books.
    EMP is holding a contest that residents can submit a video showing why they feel like they’re in the best residency program and win cash prizes.
    First place: $5,000 for resident, $10,000 for residency program, Second place: $2,500 for resident, $5,000 for residency program, Third place: $1,000 for resident, $2,000 for residency program.

    The contest is found here:

    Hope this helps!

  5. shoby says:

    Kindly review the following book:

    Fundamentals of Pathology by Husain A. Sattar:

  6. Silvia says:

    I suggest “Pharmacokinetics in Everyday Clinical Practice”, also available as ebook:

  7. Carla Lee says:

    Essential Clinical Anatomy. Please compare it between 3rd and 4th edition.

  8. Melanie Tolentino says:

    Could you please give your opinion on these medical puzzle books?
    1. Cross Check Medical Crossword Puzzle Book: Volume I by Sandra K. Wilbanks
    2. Medi-Cross: 100 Medical Terminology Crossword Puzzles for Pre-Med, Medical, and Nursing Students, EMTs, Massage Therapists and Other Health Care Professionals and Crossword Lovers (Volume 1) by John McLeod
    3. Medical Terminology Crossword Puzzles: Anatomy and Physiology by Patricia O’Brien-Giglia

  9. medstudent says:

    Hi ,
    Please is there any recommended book for parasitology ?.


    • admin says:

      That’s actually quite detailed, and likely not to benefit any medical student during med school. It’s such a small sliver of questions on step 1, if any, any won’t be needed again until rotations such as Infectious Diseases or away rotations in other countries.

  10. DR. Rekha says:

    Could you please suggest books for USMLE Clinical Pathology Exam.

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